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Legal notice
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MICHELS VORAST Insolvency administration partnership under civil law (GbR)

Lawyer Stephan Michels
Lawyer Marcus Vorast; LL.M.
Piusallee 8
D-48147 Munster

Tel.: +49 251 609652-0
Fax: +49 251 609652-29
eMail: info@michels-inso.de
Steuer-Nr.: 337/5716/3854

Dortmund office

Löwenstraße 13
D-44135 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 231 5844984-0
Fax: +49 231 5844984-9

Bad Iburg office

Schlossstraße 11
D-49186 Bad Iburg

Tel.: +49 5403 788368-0
Fax: +49 5403 788368-9

Paderborn office

Paderwall 13
D-33102 Paderborn

Tel.: +49 5251 1054-10
Fax: +49 5251 1054-23

Werl office

Erbsälzerstraße 21
D-59457 Werl

Tel.: +49 2922 912891-11
Fax: +49 2922 912891-19

Oberhausen office

Im Lipperfeld 25
D-46047 Oberhausen

Tel.: +49 208 4684094-0
Fax +49 208 4684094-50

Bielefeld office

Hauptstraße 98
D-33647 Bielefeld

Tel.:+49 521 7701946-0
Fax +49 521 770 1946-9

Gladbeck office

Am Wiesenbusch 2
D-45966 Gladbeck

Tel.:+49 2403 94424-7
Fax +49 2403 94424-9


The professional term is: Lawyer (granted in the Federal Republic of Germany)

Responsible chambers of law (supervisory authority)

All lawyers at MICHELS VORAST Insolvenzverwaltungen GbR (Insolvency administration partnership under civil law) are authorised as lawyers in the Federal Republic of Germany and are members of the Chambers of Law in Hamm.

Chambers of Law Hamm
Ostenallee 18
D-59063 Hamm

Tel.: +49 2381 985000
Fax: +49 2381 985050

The following professional codes of conduct and schedules of fees apply

Federal lawyers act (BRAO), professional code (BORA), specialist lawyers code (FAO), Federal lawyers’ schedule of fees (BRAGO), law on the remuneration of lawyers (RVG), professional codes of conduct for lawyers in the European Union, law regulating the activity of European lawyers in Germany (EuRAG)

other information

Professional liability insurance

ALLIANZ Versicherungs-AG
Königinstr. 28, 80802 München
Validity: world-wide

Platform of the European Union to reach an out-of-court-settlement (ODR):


Information and liability

Our internet site is regularly updated and diligently reviewed. Despite this no liability is accepted in relation to the use of information, links or correctness, completeness or currency. The information on this website does not represent legal consultation.


Reproduction of any form or type is only authorised with the explicit prior written consent of those responsible. The inclusion in online services or the internet or reproduction on data carriers or use on other media is only authorised with the prior written consent of those responsible.


We will supply you with all information via our creditor information system/ Gläubigerinformationssystem (abbr.: GIS) as follows:
Information on processes, such as the anticipated duration of processes or quota prospects as well as reports and information, which exclusively refer to parties involved in the proceedings.

As creditor you get your access data for GIS by post, provided you have registered your request for the relevant process.

Here is direct access to the creditor information system.

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